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Marisa Peer is a Best-selling Author, Motivational Speaker and Leading Celebrity Therapist. Voted Best Speaker at Awesomeness Fest Croatia, 2015
One Weird Trick For Being Your Perfect Weight Forever Without Restrictive Diets, Pills, Long Workouts Or Surgery
  •   Discover how to become free of dieting, free of cravings and able to break all negative eating habits forever so you see RESULTS very quickly and keep them for good.
  •   My "Hypnotic Gastric Band" audio track can mentally shrink the size of your stomach and conditions you to become motivated to only want to eat healthy and real food. 
  •   Form a HEALTHY relationship with food while being indifferent to junk food without ever feeling restricted or deprived.
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Rebecca Collins

"A friend suggested I try hypnosis so I went to see hypnotist Marisa Peer and in just an hour and a half, she changed my life!"

Anna Richardson

"I didn’t know what to think afterwards as it was so bizarre, but the amazing thing was that within three to four months I lost 28 lbs!"
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